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This is for YOU if:

  • You want to gain a clear understanding of who you are and what you are here to do. 

  • Your life is lacking fulfillment and purpose

  • You are suffering from depression and anxiety and lack movement and ambition in your life

  • You lack clarity about what you should be doing

  • You have always felt you were meant to do something BIG but don't know what it is

  • You feel anxious like time is running out and you feel like you need to take action but don't know what direction to take

  • You feel stuck with a burning desire for more in life

We all have a UNIQUE talent and purpose.

You came here for a REASON

One of the side effects of being out of alignment with your soul and higher calling is anxiety, depression, illness, addictions, fatigue, eating disorders, negative experiences and the list goes on and on. When we live a life in alignment with who we truly are at a soul level we become fulfilled, feel good and seem to shine from within.

let your soul SHINE

I cannot express enough how much becoming in tune with our souls wants, needs and purpose changes your life


We all have a place here that is unique. We all shine differently and offer a crucial energy the world needs


They say the most fulfilling life is one of service aligned with our higher selves and soul calling. A life in alignment is a one of flow, joy, love and abundance.


You are extraordinary. You didn't come here to suffer and be ordinary. You came here to SHINE brightly and to give others the courage to shine too. 


In my Soul discovery sessions, I intuitively guide you to get into touch with your soul's inner calling. We follow a process which will make clear your unique calling, voice and purpose. The process may include various soul questions, meditation and hypnosis to reach your higher self if needed. 


You will leave the session with a deep understanding of yourself, your purpose, and desires. I will also guide you on the first steps to shift your reality into one aligned with your purpose so you leave me with a clear first step and plan. 


We will also work through any limiting beliefs you might have about your soul's purpose and mission here on earth. 


Any messages or tools I intuitively feel you need will be given verbally during our session. 


All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch when needed. 

Each session is unique to each person as I am intuitively guided by my higher self and spirit guides during our time together. 

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It time to let your soul take the lead

If you are ready to:

✔ Live a life connected to your higher self and calling

✔ Create a life of joy and fulfillment

✔ Watch all areas of your life transform before your eyes

✔ Live a life of deep love and meaning. 


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Package option for those who need a bit more guidance and coaching in order to move forward

Meet Jenny

Jenny is a mom of two boys and one cat, Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapist. modern mystic, spiritual devotional creative and intuitive visionary who leads women internationally, helping them connect with their soul, highest self and purpose.


She works with women to heal negative life patterns from this or past lifetimes by subconscious mind work and timeline healing. Akashic Records is a tool that helps jenny and her clients access their past timelines. Jenny is also certified in EFT, NLP, Hypnosis and also is a intuitive empath helping her connect deeply to her clients. Learn more HERE

I'm ready to TRANSFORM 

my life! 

Package option for those who need a bit more guidance and coaching in order to move forward