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The ULTAMATE group program combining the strategy for sales, social media marketing and confidence that shows you how to easily and consistently make sales and generate leads on social media so that you can hit your income goals and feel like the CEO Abundant Babe you are.

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I have taken everything I’ve learned that helped me go from making little to no money in my business to $25K months within the past year. I've wrapped up all my secrets about sales and sales confidence into a easy to implement package wrapped up in a bow. Complete with templates, scripts and step by step strategies. 

The Socially Selling group program is a comprehensive  SALES and MINDSET course that will  give you the confidence, templates, scripts, and the right strategies necessary to LEVEL UP your online business. If you have found yourself looking for the “secret sauce” or the "magic equation" necessary to increase your income and find freedom from the 9-5 rat race, then it all boils down to  two key factors, SALES and SALES MINDSET.


Because lets face it, if your terrified to show up in your business- You wont be seen, and if your not seen- How can someone know you can solve their problems and buy your solution?


The biggest problem I had in the beginning was not comparing myself to all the other successful coaches out there who had what I wanted. 


Why was it so easy for them? Why was it so hard for me?

I constantly felt desperate and needy when I was attempting to sell, it felt uncomfortable for me. How were these people getting all these clients so easily??

I was suffering from burnout and anxiety. Wondering if this online world just wasn't for me. 

Until one day, I was sick of it and I invested into not one, but 2 coaches! A Mindset coach and a business coach! That's when my life changed. 

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 ✔ Stuck in your DM’s for a 4+ hours a day literally going nowhere...

✔ Stuck at $1K-$3K months even though you’re working your ASS OFF trying

     to find clients for your offers.

✔ You’re content is not converting and you struggle with getting connected

     content that sells in front of your ideal client

✔  Struggling with how to reach out to your dream client without being too salesy

     and sleezy. 

✔  Are reaching out to people… but they just see your message and either leave a one word

      response or ignore you all together.... you working SO HARD but it’s leading nowhere.

✔  Are Terrified to give CTA's, tell people about your programs because you feel like you are


✔ YOU HATE SALES CALLS, even just the thought of them make you omit and hide in a closet

     because of your nervousness and anxiety around them. 

✔ You are frustrated and are dying to have  the right systems in place so that you can attract

     client and convert them to sales easily so you don’t have to worry about finances anymore



  • Being the GO TO authority in your niche so that  your dream clients slide into YOUR inbox asking to work with you, so that you don’t have to feel NEEDY

  • Feeling good, and showing up everyday with CONFIDENCE online ready to shine your light on the world because you have something special that people need. 

  • Being able to sell selling from a place of SERVICE and authenticity.

  • Having an effective content strategy that is INTENTIONAL, so that you can attract the RIGHT people to you who wants and needs your service!

  • Speaking directly to your ideal client’s  in the DM’s without feeling like you’re unsolicited in their inbox “selling” or begging them to sign up. 

  • Having a plan in place in your business to make sure you are ATTRACTING DREAM CLIENTS everyday! 


✔ Nail down your mindset and heal your limiting beliefs so that you are in alignment with your business and no longer in fear mode 

​✔ Be confident to show up online as the expert and go to person.

​✔ Have rock solid niche foundations so that you can clearly identify your target audience. 

✔  Be confident as fuck in sales - selling your program with confidence and authenticity without ever feeling salesy or sleezy

✔ Have a strategy and system in place to generate leads from social media complete with scripts, templates and lead tracking tools. ​

✔  Have a intentional system for creating content AHEAD OF TIME and be organized with your content VS feeling behind and overwhelmed

✔ Have an amazing and effective sales call script that used human psychology to convert so that you no longer have to feel nervous on your sales calls, be able to handle objections on sales calls LIKE A BOSS with my objections guide. 

If you are ready to close consistent sales in your business while having the confidence in to show up online and you’re ready to CHANGE LIVES, then this program is 100% is for you!
The strategies, tools, and systems in socially selling have helped my clients scale from 0-$10K months and build the online business of their dreams.

swipe files

Templates, Email Swipe Copy, DM + Sales Scripts, Content Calendars and MORE

video Lessons

 Video Lessons that will help you gain confidence + give you ACTIONABLE + IMPLEMENTABLE strategies


8 weeks of live Q&A weekly calls inside the Facebook support group


hypnotherapy, EFT, meditations and more inside the tool vault! 

Pay in full Launch Price $350

limited time ** Price after Launch $997

2 Easy Payments of $180

limited time ** Price after Launch $333 x 3

Carissa Meyer

Carissa, Nine Five brand made 8k within 8 weeks of working with me. She was able to grow her visibility and Instagram from 200 people to over 2k in just a short 2 months.


Jamie Day

Jamie Day, Mediumship coach filled all her spots available for her program on her first launch within days.

Caitlyn Scannell

Caitlyn, Manifestation coach closed her first 3 high ticket clients before even officially launching her program.


Creating Confidence

This week is all about the most important part, Mindset. We will be learning how to show up confident, and clear our limiting beliefs about ourselves so that we can be the Abundant CEO's we were born to be!


Narrowing Your Niche

Become deeply connected to your target audience. We will be clarifying who you are, and who you serve. Its true what they say, try to serve everyone and you will serve no one.


Creating an Irresistible Offer

We will be crafting you an irresistible offer your ideal client needs and wants. Your offer needs to solve a massive problem your client has in order to sell successfully. Get ready to create and price your aligned offer.


Crafting Your Dream Feed

Want to create a presence on social media that attracts your ideal client? This week we will be perfecting your online persona to reflect your brand. Clear branding across all platforms builds trust. People don't buy from people they don't trust.


Growth and Attraction

Get ready to grow! lets get you are your irresistible offer visible on social media. Here is hare my exact methods that will have your ideal clients flocking to you. Take control over your online growth with an easy to follow daily system.


Content Marketing

Learn how to perfect your customer journey through content marketing. Content marketing is the best free way to market your offer to your ideal clients and gain visibility. We will craft an entire marketing schedule that will set you up for success. Content marketing basically sells your offers for you. Rinse and repeat !


Perfecting your Message 

Who you are matters! What you say matters. This week we will tune you into the voice of your brand. Most of your success is going to be how you show up and communicate online! People don't buy from someone they don't like! We need them to know you, trust you and like you! If you cannot show up and clearly communicate who you are and how you can help your ideal clients..... you will not make sales.


Selling on Social Media

This week you will learn all my sales ninja secrets that made me $24,900 in three weeks with my very first launch. Learn how to passively sell without feeling like you are selling, and how to prospect and pitch the right way though relationships and not cold pitching. You will also become a sales call pro, confident dealing with objections and communicating. 


About Jenny

I am a certified Mindset life, and success coach who has been a serial entrepreneur for 5 years with 10 years sales and business experience training leaders and people in business in the corporate world


 I’ve been able to help and support dozens of women in turning their dreams into a reality, making money doing what they love, and quitting their jobs to go full time in their business.


I have many modalities in my pocket including Neuro- Linguistics ( NLP) and Hypnotherapy which helps my clients overcome their mindset and confidence limitations that hold them back from achieving success financially and professionally.  


 I’m dedicated to taking what I’ve learned over my journey about building a profitable business, and have broken it down into a simple process to make it easy for anyone who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping others know how to grow their online empire and their bank account.


Do I already need to have a program or niche? No! In this program I will be guiding you through finding your ideal career blueprint, so that we can build an aligned career for you! 

What if I'm not a coach? My specialty lies with coaches because that's where I have the most experience, however the program can be adjusted to meet the needs of any service based business. I have helped VA’s, designers, and various other niches.

Is this for all Types of coaches? Yes! This program will be amazing for various types of coaches who are wanting to merge from 1:1 into the group coaching realm.


Will I get results? You will get results as long as you implement the strategies I teach you. I will lay the path down for you, but you are the one who will have to do the work. As long as you give it your full effort, and use the strategy, you will succeed! 

What if I fall behind the group? No worries you will have lifetime access to all the materials and all the group replays. If life happens to get in the way and you need to pause, you can pick it up later.