If you're reading this, there is a high chance you are an online coach or service provider stressing about selling. Trying to get that consistent income but are not fully comfortable selling your offers.

At this point you have probably realized, simply creating the offer and putting it online doesn't equal a booked out calendar. You are probably realizing there might be more to this online business thing than you originally thought and it hasn't come together like you thought.

You might be wondering... What Now?

Some questions you might have are:


It's such a frustrating thing, to know you have massive capabilities and talent. To know that you have the passion and drive to change lives, but are going unbooked and unnoticed by your ideal clients!


Not only that but when you do get a potential client you have no idea how to convert them into a buyer.  You feel like you have a great product, you are making an amazing impression on people but they still are not buying!!

Well if this is you, you are in luck because you are going to get a free training below that includes the 3 mistakes you want to avoid when selling!

These three things are key to sales, and you do not want to mess them up!

So without further ado, here is.......

How is everyone else getting sales?

Why does it look so easy for others?

What the hell am I doing wrong?

What is the secret to booking out your offers?

I get it!!



Business BAbe

My Name Is Jenny! I'm the creator of The Abundant Babe CEO program! I teach women how to leave fear behind and embody their CEO self in order to grow and scale their business using strategy and mindset!

I help beautiful empowered women leverage social media to build their own online empires.


Using my Soulfully Selling Strategy, I give women the tools they need to achieve the massive wild success they always wanted, but have not been able to achieve on their own. 

With a few adjustments to your strategy, and some confidence to push past your fears of selling your empire will explode with abundance! 

What is Soulfully Selling ?

The Soulful Selling Strategy is my technique for connecting to your ideal clients on a deep and intimate level. 

My strategy is done in a way where you feel comfortable and never sleazy or pushy. 

Using Human psychology, I teach you how to sell your offers in a way that converts and creates a comfortable and at ease state in you and your ideal client!

Following the steps found in my strategy, by the time you pitch the offer, they should already be convinced they need your help!

What To Do Next

Schedule a FREE Strategy Session to find out what my signature program entails!

You will need at least 30 min for the call, and be able to give 100% of your attention

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