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Calling New Female Coaches

Want to learn how to up-level your income in 60 days? Want to ditch the overworked and overwhelmed for financial abundance and freedom?

If you are:

  •  New in your coaching business and feel like you are burning out from all the 1 to 1 coaching you have been offering.

  • Feel like you work, work, work for very little pay off

  • Have been stuck making a few thousand dollars a month and cannot break through that income barrier to get to 10k months.

  • Feel like you're doing EVERYTHING right, but have not been making the money you want. 

Have you  found yourself screaming at the universe one time or more “WHY CAN'T I DO THIS??” 


Are you sick of feeling left out when seeing so many other successful women out there making serious cash and enjoying the lavish life you desperately want to be living too?

I also was a new coach not that long ago hustling like crazy to get to my income goals. Feeling like it was harder for me that it was for the rest of the world. 


It took me many years and a lot of blood, sweat, tiers and messy mistakes to get to where I am today.  Now I help women create dream business world wide. 


What if I told you, that by focusing on two key areas, all your business and income dreams will come true?


What are these areas?

If you're sick as hell from budgeting your grocery order and praying your card doesn't decline in the checkout…..


There is hope 


I know because I was there. 

YES that's right by combining these two factors you will succeed in finally hitting 10K + months


Your income will increase and you will have more time to do the thing you love


Who wants more money AND time? 

In my new Program Quantum Leap Your income made especially for female coaches we spend 8 weeks shifting our mindset and frequency to be a energetic match for money and get into alignment with our rich CEO self


We take care of all those negative beliefs that are blocking you from receiving the flow of abundance and money. We heal your relationship with money so more of it will flow to you with ease. If you don't believe being wildly rich is possible for you, you will after this program. 


Next we Lay down soles sturdy next level CEO self foundations and make sure you are prepared for the floodgates of clients and money to open. The universe only gives you what you are ready for and what you can handle. 


The final section of the program is all about action, laying a strategic path that will straight line you to launching a group coaching program to have a 5 figure launch. Not only that you will also learn how to set up passive to sell on automation income so you can be making money in your sleep. 

Excited yet???


 I will be teaching you EVERYTHING I used to make $24,900 in three week of launch! 


This program is for:

  • Female coaches who are draining themselves doing 1:1 coaching 

  • Wanting to uplevel there income to 10k + months

  • Wanting to make more money working less hours so they can enjoy spending more time doing the things they love. 

  • Finally wanting to get to that next level success they have been longing for and break through income limitations. 


What's included?


  • 8 weeks of live group coaching 

  • 24/7 access to courses and materials

  • Lifetime access to the Quantum Leap Coaches Group

  • Lifetime access to the online learning portal and course bundle

  • Weekly video lessons and workbook

  • Toolkit Vault with hypnosis, meditations, and more. 

  • Scripts, templates and various copywriting for your emails, sales pages, captions and more.


 Manifestation Foundations

Goal of this module:  To teach you how to create energy shifts to manifest what they want. Dealing with frequency, limiting beliefs and mind patterns.



 Soul Aligned Clients

Goal of this module: Learn who your ideal client is, and how to attract them to you. Magnetic Marketing. Being the expert and leader in your niche



 Sales Psychology and Human Behavior

Goal of this module: to know how your ideal clients mind works, connect to them and predict what will make them buy.  Learn how to sell without "sleazy selling"



Name:  Launching an offer 

Goal: How to create a high energy hyped up launch. How to create and run a challenge, webinar or free Video Training. Follow my step by step guide for selling out your launches.



Alignment and Embodiment

Goal of this module : Being authentic and showing up in alignment to your goal, and creating a fulfilling career.  Branding magic and self confidence online. Your CEO self.



 Manifesting Money

Goal of this module: Becoming a money queen. Learn how to read numbers, set financial goals. Aligned actions that  manifest money. Social selling strategy and prospecting. Dream Client Funnels



Group coaching

Goal of this module: to Help you set up a group coaching program so that you can reach your next level income goal and free up time. 



Opening up your money channels with passive income.

Goal of this module: Learn about opening up ways to make money on automation while you sleep


Cost of Program full price is $797 or you can choose 3 easy payments of $260 per month. 

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Im Jenny!

I am a certified Mindset life, and success coach who has been a serial entrepreneur for 5 years with 10 years sales and business experience training leaders and people in business in the corporate world


 I’ve been able to help and support dozens of women in turning their dreams into a reality, making money doing what they love, and quitting their jobs to go full time in their business.


I have many modalities in my pocket including Neuro- Linguistics ( NLP) and Hypnotherapy which helps my clients overcome their mindset and confidence limitations that hold them back from achieving success financially and professionally.  


 I’m dedicated to taking what I’ve learned over my journey about building a profitable business, and have broken it down into a simple process to make it easy for anyone who is passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping others know how to grow their online empire and their bank account.

I would be honored to be your guide taking you from broke tired overworked coach to being the rich abundant version of yourself finally making the massive income and lifestyle that you deserve!

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In this program you will learn everything you need to identify, attract and convert your ideal clients PLUS my toolkit with scripts, templates, audios, and tutorials that have helped me build a 6 figure business while helping other women do the same.



Is this for all Types of coaches? Yes! This program will be amazing for various types of coaches who are wanting to merge from 1:1 into the group coaching realm.


Will I get results? You will get results as long as you implement the strategies I teach you. I will lay the path down for you, but you are the one who will have to do the work. As long as you give it your full effort, and use the strategy, you will succeed! 

What if I fall behind the group? No worries you will have lifetime access to all the materials and all the group replays. If life happens to get in the way and you need to pause, you can pick it up later.

Is there a payment plan? Yes you can pay in 3 monthly installments. 

Carissa Meyer

Carissa, Nine Five brand made 8k within 8 weeks of working with me. She was able to grow her visibility and Instagram from 200 people to over 2k in just a short 2 months.

Jamie Day

Jamie Day, Mediumship coach filled all her spots available for her program on her first launch within days.

Caitlyn Scannell

Caitlyn, Manifestation coach closed her first 3 high ticket clients before even officially launching her program.


Pre- Launch Bonuses

Act fast and get these additional bonuses


-IG growth Booster value $197

-Fast Track to FB ADS Value $297

-IG Story prompt guide, caption and template kit

Cost of Program full price is $797 or you can choose 3 easy payments of $260 per month. 

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