How I turn Followers into Sales

How I turn Followers into Sales

Ah, the old turn your followers into sales, hurrah! Sound so easy right?

Most people actually have a really hard time with this! And it's usually one of a few reasons

-They don't have the right people in front of them

-Their audience isn't warmed or engaged

- The lack the skills they need to convert

It really is a balance of all of these three things. Of course, it also will come down to having an irresistible offer someone wants, but that's a whole other topic. Today I just want to focus on these three!

Let's hop into it!

***Disclaimer, I do not claim to be a writer… and I'm called queen of typos for a reason. I write exactly how I speak. If you are all uptight up and snobby about “proper” grammar then this blog isn't for you. But too bad you will miss out…. Bye lol

1- Attract

This stage is all about attracting the right people from the get-go. You can achieve this by perfecting your message and being 102407038419% clear on who your ideal client is.

Yes, I'm sure you have heard this so many times, but it's because of a good reason. How can you catch a fish without any bait…. And not just any bait, the right bait. The intent is a very congested place, you need to send a crystal clear message to your ideal client!

So the first step is by narrowing your niche to a specific person and then research the hell out of them. Know them better than you know yourself.

I schedule time blocks into my calendar just for market research and brainstorming about my ideal client's needs.

2- Nurture

This is the most forgotten. Nurturing and keeping people around.

You just attracted the RIGHT people now what??

First, you need to retain them, if you are not engaging with your audience they will become cold and leave. Relationships and likability are key to keeping those ideal clients around.

Second you need to spend time warming them and gaining trust. Nurturing your community by feeding them free valuable content will engage them and keep their attention, you are also giving them a taste of what it's like to work with you. Showing up as the ideal client in their eyes! The fastest way to develop a relationship with your audience is by showing up on video so they can feel connected to you on a personal level!

I set aside time every day to nurture and engage with my audience. It part of my business Daily non-negotiables! If you want to listen to a replay about my non-negotiables you can watch HERE

2- Sell

This is where 40% of your time needs to be….

Figure out what tasks you do that are directly linked to making money. Selling covers a lot of different areas.

Some examples are

  • Showing up live to deliver free intentional value then throw a call to action in there shuffling them over to sign up for an offer

  • Giving a call to action in your stories

  • Qualifying leads in the DM’s

  • Telling them to sign up for your freebie so they will get into your Sales Funnel

One thing for sure though is you need to make sure you are balancing the pitching with the right amount of giving and value so you don't seem spammy or sales, people will get annoyed and ditch you.

Follow the value, value, value pitch system or the blended method

Learn more about that here on my IGTV

The real key is to give more than you take so that your audience feels valued and not like you only care about them if they buy something. No one wants to just feel like dollar signs. By following one of the two methods above you will ensure that you are balanced and never aggressively salsey. Your audience will feel nurtured and the people who love your content will want more help will want to sign up for your offers. If you're giving amazing content away, your paid offers must be like gold mines.

Want a list of all the actions I do to promote my services on social media, generate leads and make sales?

Hells ya you do!

Download it now HERE!


The Abundant Babe

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