How I'm Planning for a Successful 2021

Out with the old and in with the new am' I rite???

Good friggen riddens 2020, lol I'm ready for the new year and holy hell am I ever pumped. Nothing motivates me like a fresh new plan and goals!!

As I'm reflecting on my past year, I'm realizing so many amazing and wonderful things have happened. This just adds to my excitement as I'm beginning to realize how much growth another 365 days can bring me!

Today I want to elaborate on why I planned my ENTIRE 2020, even though I consider myself a very fluid creative go with the flow person. The reality is, while I really enjoy my intuitive approach- There needs to be a plan if I'm going to actually get anywhere.

Some of you might be thinking.... your WHOLE year?? that's really far in advance! and your absolutely right! but I find having a long term plan really keeps me in line and makes it so much easier to navigate thought this online business worked.

SO I sat down and worked our my goals and broke them down by quarter, month, and even week. hot damn I'm so fucking ready!!

Real Talk: if you’re downloading all the freebies and furiously journaling what it looks like to make 10k months and a 6 figure year......butttttt when the end of the month rolls around, you realize you just wandered around doing a bunch of things that didn’t make you the money…..

listen up!!!

Planning is the secret sauce, its where the dreaming meets the doing.

The cold hard truth is, if you want to be a Badass CEO... you need to start showing up as one.. and CEOS plan. So plan my pretties!!

The break down of all the hats we need to wear in our business is

The Dreamer


The Employee

Lets break these down!

The Dreamer is when you have alllllll the creative ideas and want to do alllll the projects. Its exciting and gets you all pumped up, screaming from the roof tops. After the creation and generation do all the juicy ideas... comes the CEO. The CEO is down to business, and she isn't playing no games. She maps out what the goal actually looks like, and gets reallll clear on hoe its going to become a reality. She is focused and analytical. The next persona is the employee, This is the action taking. You have the goal, the plan, now you just need t show up and do it!! there is no more room got ideas, you have a job to do. The employee shows up and does what they are told. They make shit happen, they are the needle movers the money makers. But would they be able to do their job if there wasn't rules, or duties they needed to do every day? No. a whole lot of nothing would get accomplished right??

Soooo we are moving into 2021, its time for the Dreamer to step forward decide what it wants and hand it over to the CEO. Now its the CEO's time to shine! Create a plan to hand off to the employee.

So what does this planning thing entail??

1) We need to get clear on your goal!

What do you want to accomplish next year? This could be a money goal, or a physical thing you would like to create such as a program.

2) Get clear on your numbers, and your conversions

Break that goal down into how many leads and sales you will need per quarter, then break that down by month. If you know how much money you want to make, you can the reverse engineer how many leads you will need based of your usual conversion rate!

3) Now break the goal down into actions

This is where you take your numbers and create a strategy you can use daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure you reach your numbers. This is where you focus all your energy into creating a plan to actually achieve those numbers we already figured out!

4) Schedule it

After you figure out your action plan you are going to want to schedule it into your calendar to keep you on track. Put everything where it belongs. You need to know what to do and where to do it, if you don't, you will not be able to reach your goal easily.


If you are wanting to have a smooth year, creating your business plan for 2021 is essential! If you are new to this and find it confusing and overwhelming, DONT WORRY! I got you!

Id love to invite you to join my 2 hour workshop on December 16 2021 were ill be guiding you though the whole thing from start to finish! How does that sound?

Great right?? Act fast though this will be closing on Nov 26th!

To learn more about this workshop click the link below! Snag your seat before the deal is gone!

Take Me To the Planning Party

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