3 Mistakes To Avoid As A Start Up Coach

3 Mistakes To Avoid As A Start Up Coach

The starting phase, I'm not sure I've experienced something so exciting yet so terrifying before in my life.

Well other than the birth of a child….

But in a way the two are very similar. Both bring massive fear of the unknown yet also joy and excitement. Just creating a business in a way is a birth as well.

Today I want to chat about some of the things I wish someone had told me in the beginning. Hopefully these will help you avoid some of the un-necessary growing pains we experience as a start up!

Lets hop right into it as you all know if you have been following me for a while. I hate writing! It's not for me, however, I do see the benefits so welcome to the circus I like to call my writing…. Without any proper grammar. However, I promise you will only find value within.

Without further adieu

Mistake 1

A mistake I like to call comparison and she is a nasty bitch. She still lurks for me from time to time. I've named her Karen. She loves to belittle me whenever she can.

While it's almost impossible to nip this on in the but, its important to try. When we first start out we see people with the things we desperately want. We swoon uncontrollably over them. Then we get Hella frustrated when we don't get them overnight.

Well.. First I would like to point out, You are trying to compare apples to a cat… yes I mean a cat- Not an orange. Apples and oranges are way too similar to use as an example of this.

What we fail to remember is alllll those people whom we are watching insatiably online are at a completely different journey than us. So fuck comparing yourself to them. It's not comparable. You are measuring your success according to people who have sooo much more knowledge than you. But guess what, they all started at a big fat zero too- so there is hope for us all too.

You will get there. Keep showing up. Stay consistent and for the love of god, stay on your own side of the fence. Trust me the view is better there.

The only person you should compare yourself to is the version of yourself from yesterday. Work on doing better than her and you will be well on your way!

Mistake 2

Being terrified of selling. Good grief Charlie Brown, we have been so programmed to believe that to sell you need to be slimy and gross. This isn't the case. When you show up supporting your audience, teaching them and loving on them….. Guess what, you are selling your personal brand. These people are watching you. If you show up to serve, consistently they will flock to you making it rain like a rap video all over you.

To Sell didn't mean to pitch.

Side note, stop cold DMing me your pitch-at least take me for dinner first, thanks

Selling is actually Serving your audience.

When you show up from a space of abundance and give freely you attract people to you easily. When you show up from a state of lack and neediness people will avoid you.

Serve and you will make money. I promise

Show up everyday in a way that you see your future millionaire CEO self doing, and your external reality will have no choice than to catch up. Would your CEO self show up, leach, spread love and talk about her products in a loving way? Hell ya’ she does. Plant those seeds in your audience's mind, and they will grow!

Does it take effort and time? yes , is it with it? Yes!!

Which brings me to the 3rd mistake

Mistake 3

Not being consistent and giving up on something too fast.

Sometimes when we are new and caught up in the game, we get so excited and try to rush to the finish line. We try something for a short amount of time, then when we don't get immediate results we give up.

The problem with this is, it wasn't the technique, idea or thing…. It was our consistency around it. You need to try something long term to see any results.

So if you create an amazing offer, launch it rushed and no one buys… you scratch it and try a new offer.

However, it wasn't the offer at all. You just didn't give it enough time. It takes a lot of time doing something consistently over and over to see any results. Stop trying to run before you walk. Slow down!

If you are struggling to grow your online business in this first chapter, keep going! It's worth it! Trust me!

If You have been:

✔ Stuck in your DM’s for a 4+ hours a day literally going nowhere...

​✔ Stuck at $1K-$3K months even though you’re working your ASS OFF trying

to find clients for your offers.

​✔ You’re content is not converting and you struggle with getting connected

content that sells in front of your ideal client

​✔ Struggling with how to reach out to your dream client without being too salesy

and sleezy.

​✔ Are reaching out to people… but they just see your message and either leave a one word response or ignore you all together.... you working SO HARD but it’s leading nowhere.

​✔ Are Terrified to give CTA's, tell people about your programs because you feel like you are BUGGING THEM.....

​✔ YOU HATE SALES CALLS, even just the thought of them make you omit and hide in a closet … because of your nervousness and anxiety around them.

​✔ You are frustrated and are dying to have the right systems in place so that you can attract client and convert them to sales easily so you don’t have to worry about finances anymore

And you are ready to:

👉🏼Being the GO TO authority in your niche so that your dream clients slide into YOUR inbox asking to work with you, so that you don’t have to feel NEEDY

👉🏼Feeling good, and showing up everyday with CONFIDENCE online ready to shine your light on the world because you have something special that people need.

👉🏼Being able to sell from a place of SERVICE and authenticity while feeling aligned and good!

👉🏼Having an effective content strategy that is INTENTIONAL, so that you can attract the RIGHT people to you who wants and needs your service!

👉🏼Speaking directly to your ideal client’s in the DM’s without feeling like you’re unsolicited in their inbox “selling” or begging them to sign up.

👉🏼Having a plan in place in your business to make sure you are ATTRACTING DREAM CLIENTS everyday!

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❤ Jenny

The Abundant Babe

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