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You Are a Being of Light

You are a Devine being who came to this earth  to learn and to create.  Yes you chose to be here at this vert time in space.  When you came here you unfortunately forgot who you are. You are source energy incarnated here on this 3D world.

You came here a perfectly aligned being, in your most natural and authentic state of consciousness. Over time you were programmed by external tings, be that your parents, society or though real events that occurred to you. These all left their imprint on your Devine self and disconnected you from your Ture self.  Your true self is with oneness with the creator source energy.

You were born PERFECT!

Your parents, with good or not so good intention taught you what they also have been tough and programed you to find yourself a spot in this illusion of society. A dream world built from the ego self's of the people who came before us.  We now as people are waking up faster than ever before to the truth of who we truly are and the beauty we can create as our planet shifts into the 5D. A dimension of truth, love and oneness. Our forgotten selves are being remembered.

One of the biggest factors in todays world causing pain. suffering and division between nations is the illusion of separation. There is no separation.

The world we are currently living is has been created to feed our egos and not our souls. We have been kept in a box and made separate from our unlimited creating selves. Our Inner Being of light.

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Who the Hell am I Really?

Most of our human lives we have been taught to create a sense of identity or "self"- our persona here on earth. We have been taught we have to "make something" of ourselves. To fit into society.

When I look back on life and what a lot of others are also realizing is that we have spent most of our lives living in this illusion that society has programed us to fit into for GENERATIONS.

You Need to BE SOMEBODY.

Fit in and follow the crowd. We learn from our parents, and then we go to school and more programing happens, then we go off to university to create this vision we have of ourselves.

The problem is...... this vison or "mask" we wear has been created from our ego self. The self that has been programmed by our external factors to fit nicely into society. or we are taught life is hard... and that there is no point in trying.

This External world is not who you really are.

We continue along with our lives complete helpless and asleep, feeling like something is missing. We never feel whole, and we never feel fully satisfied no matter what what do. We never have enough. We feel empty like a whole piece is missing from us, but have no idea what it is.

That Piece that is missing is the real you.

We become dependent of external things to feel good, we shop, we do, we rely on our co-dependent relationships. Totally unaware of who we are and how limitless we can be.

We develop anxiety and depression more and more with every generation that goes by. We become our own worst enemies. Our society and separateness we have built has grown into a cancer that will ultimately destroy us all. We know sating is majorly wrong, or intuition alarms are ringing, however we have no idea how to stop the ever growing problem which is the illusion of separateness.


If you were to go back to your natural Devine state, without any external programing......

Who would you be?

I have been asking myself the above question for the past 7 years. Why does something feel missing no matter what we accomplish or obtain? For a really long time I dabbled in jobs that fed my ego and not my soul. I had created a separate being that was not connected at all with who I truly was.

I Found Myself

What I eventually after many years of searching I discovered why I felt peaceful or whole was because I was sooooo focused on this external reality. I realized nothing outside of myself could or would ever make me whole.

I was whole to begin with.

I was searching for things to feed my ego, altogether missing the fact that I was this incredible being of light that was complete without any thing outside herself.  Eventually my search also pointed me in the direction of mastery of the self.

I began studying EVERY master out there, the all pointed to one thing. The Law of Oneness.

When you connect back with your inner-being and your true self, your whole life will begin to transform. You will become aware of your infinite abilities to create. You will break free from the matrix and expand your potential in ways you never even imagined.

You no longer feel helpless and trapped in an unfair world, you learn that you can create the world of our dreams starting within.

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