Instagram Growth Booster

If you have been struggling to build a presence on Instagram, and grow a beautiful community around your business.

If you are frustrated with trying to figure this Instagram thing out all on your own.

Have no idea how to REACH more of your ideal followers and get them to ENGAGE with you and your content.

Sick of researching and spending hours playing the Instagram game just to be discouraged with next to no follower growth.

Who is this course for?

Find your Instagram community of engaged high-quality followers.

Use Instagram to find new people who share the same passions as you.

Cut back on the time spent using and trying to figure out Instagram and want to gain a massive impact quickly

Simplify and create an easy Instagram strategy that attracts your ideal followers with ease.

If you are ready to...

I know what you're struggling with friend! 

I've been there!

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• Expand your impact, grow your reach, and attract your ideal followers, REAL people who stick around - and who love what you do.

• Grow your influence by multiplying your engagement and the number of comments on your posts - and not just get emojis but MEANINGFUL comments that create authentic connections with your ideal followers and clients.

• Increase your aligned  following, not because of numbers - but because you know that the bigger your impact, the bigger your influence, the bigger your INCOME and business growth 

All by using simple steps and systems so you'll spend a lot less time on the app and still get amazing results!

What's Included:

Module 1: Your Instagram Brand

Lesson 1: Your Instagram Bio

Learn how to create a profile to capture the attention of your viewers in 6 seconds or less. Plan a mission and a purpose for your Instagram

Lesson 2: Your Feed

In this lesson, we will learn how to design and create an Instagram feed that captivates your followers and is aligned with your mission. Using visual identity we create a feel and emotion that is exactly what your target audience is looking for.

Lesson 3: Pre-Planning Your Instagram Content

In this lesson, I teach you the strategy I use to pre-plan my Instagram content --to make it easy and painless. You will be able to create a feed that looks good, flows and is valuable to keep your followers engaged.

Module 2: Your Instagram Reputation

Lesson 1: Instagram Engagement

This lesson is dedicated to explaining Instagrams engagement rate and algorithm. This is crucial to growth on Instagram. 

Lesson 2:  Creating Compelling Captions

Have you ever wondered " what the hell do I write in my caption?" You are not alone. A lot of us have no idea what to write. In this lesson, I will give you a guideline to use to take the guesswork out of creating captions that convert to sales or engagement.

Lesson 3:  Delivering Value

This is how you keep your followers following and not losing interest in you or your account. Here I talk about the importance of value and how to make sure you are over-delivering so that you create experts STATUS trust with your followers.

Lesson 4:  Using IG Stories

In this lesson, we talk all about IG stories and why they are so damn important for establishing a relationship with your followers. this is SOCIAL media after all. I share story prompts and engagement strategies! I also give you a challenge to get you putting fear aside and showing up for your audience.

Module 3: Finding Your Ideal Followers

Here is the fun stuff 

Lesson 1: Who is your Ideal Follower?

In this training, we will establish and clarify who your ideal follower and community is. We get to the root of who you are trying to reach with your message.

Lesson 2: Finding your Tribe

Fangirl time! Here is where we get the fuck out there and find our amazing beautiful engaged community of Instagram Followers. I teach you to take matters into your own hands. Following my step by step strategy, you will find your fans in no time and they will start rolling in. eekkkk get excited ladies!! 

Module 4: Hashtag Expert

Lesson 1: What the hell are hashtags?

Here I demystify what hashtags are and how they can help you. 

Lesson 2: How to plan and Find your tags. 

I share my process for finding niche specific hashtags that will help you reach the right people

Lesson 3: How to Use hashtags

 80% of people are using hashtags WRONG! Let's get you using those tags at expert level!!

lesson 4: Hashtag Top Posts 

Here I explain why the top posts are important to your growth and how you will get yourself in there.

Module 5: Instagram Insights

Join me in the last lesson, as I guide you through Instagram Insights, why they are important and how to use them to impact your Instagram growth.

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